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Last weekend we spent approximately 48 hours in Denver for a wedding and tried to make the most out of our limited time in the city. The wedding took place in the Brown Palace Hotel, which is why there are so many pictures from there. We didn’t have time to do too much, but we were able to walk around Downtown Denver for the better part of Saturday morning. We even walked to a brewery for lunch which ended up being a 45 minute walk through the “seedy” part of town. Though if you’re from L.A. the idea that the area we walked through is seedy is a little amusing. We had lunch at Black Sky Brewery, which is a heavy  metal themed brewery that also serves food. We each had a pizza and we both enjoyed our pizza’s very much. For a full review of our beer and food, as well as a rundown of what we did to maximize our limited free time, check out our podcast.

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We are a young couple living in Los Angeles. We try to make the most of our weekends by checking out random sites, doing standard touristy things, drinking craft beer, eating delicious food, and visiting Disneyland.

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